Whitening | Laser Whitening | Zoom II Whitening


Dental whitening is the most exciting thing to come to dentistry for improving the appearance of your teeth. If your teeth are stained from years of coffee, smoking, tea, and other colored foods, then whitening can give you a youthful, healthy appearance to your smile. It is inexpensive and easy to accomplish.


These pictures show the difference that Dental Whitening can make. In the pictures below only the upper teeth have been whitened. The bottom teeth are still in their original condition.

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Laser Whitening

Notice the difference in the photo between the upper teeth where Laser Whitening has been applied and the bottom teeth where Laser Whitening has not yet been applied.

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Zoom II Whitening

In our office, Dr. Cerniglia offers Zoom! 2 Whitening. For more information, please visit our Technology pages.

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