Implants allow for the permanent replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth without the involvement of other natural teeth. Implants allow you to restore the missing area with a natural-looking porcelain crown.

Implants can also be used to help anchor removable dentures to make them feel more natural and allow security when out in public.

Before picture of missing single tooth.
X-ray of implant for single tooth replacement.
After single tooth replacement.

They will help increase chewing efficiency, improve the quality of life of our patients who are missing multiple teeth, and have been shown to preserve the bone where teeth were missing.

A hadar bar with 4 implants.
Inside of the denture with the hadar clips.
The newly anchored denture in the mouth.

Dr. Cerniglia is specially-trained to place mini-implants.

Dr. George P. Cerniglia

  • Dr. George P. Cerniglia - 3320 Hessmer Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Phone: 504-454-5880

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